Friction Polishing Bar
Friction Polishing Bar

Friction Polishing Bar

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Made with high quality carnauba wax.

Friction Polishing Bars will give turned wood a high gloss, durable finish with a glass like appearance which allows the natural grain, and colour variations, to shine through. Made with high quality Carnauba Wax combined with a small amount of other plant based waxes to extend the life of the finish on pieces which may be handled frequently - e.g. cord pulls and pens.  

How to use:

Sand to an even finish, applying a coat of sanding sealer if desired, before offering the bar up to the spinning workpiece to make light contact; the heat generated between the two surfaces will melt the wax. Move the bar along the workpiece to give an even coat and buff the wood with a safety cloth, or white paper towel. Further coats can be applied as required.

Weight: 40g

Shipping weight: 70g 

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