DG Cream Tripoli Powder

We are pleased to say this product will be back in stock within the next week or so. As soon as it arrives on our doorstep it will be listed for sale again.

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New - Concentrated Water Based Dye

Whether your project is personal or commercial Bolger's high quality Concentrated Dyes are available in 8 contemporary colours which are intermixable, for that touch of individuality.  Colours readily disperse in water to make a water based wood stain, colours water based liquids, like varnish resin and PVA glue, and are also suitable to colour grout and filler.  These non-toxic colours are available in 30ml bottles and are suitable for mixing with any wood dye in the Bolger's range; they are also perfect for tinting walnut crystals to get that perfect wood shade.

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Shipping Update

We made some changes to our shipping rates. Our Economy shipping weight has been increased to 2kg (packed weight) for all areas of the UK, and we now ship our 500ml bottles of wood dye via our economy service too - making them even better value for money. View the details here Shipping For –

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Polishing wheels for parallel shaft polishers.

polishing wheels

We now have a range of polishing wheels suitable for use on polishers fitted with parallel shafts. Available in 150mm and 200mm diameters the wheels are stitched and stapled around the centre, ensuring the layers are well secured for maximum durability. Wheels are approximately 25mm thick and can be stacked side by side to increase the polishing area as required.

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My Colour - Colour Additive For Water Based Varnish & Paint

These easy to use colours allow many different mediums to be coloured using just one product. Suitable for DIY and Craft projects. 

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