Green Buffing Bar
Green Buffing Bar
Green Buffing Bar
Green Buffing Bar

Green Buffing Bar

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Multi-stage Compound for surface preparation and finishing.

Common applications - Iron, steel and stainless steel.

This compound is made using grease and binders from non-animal sources.

A silica free polishing bar for hard metals like stainless steel, tool steel and high carbon steel. With a medium to high cut and a high shine this bar may be used as an intermediate and finishing compound by changing the polishing wheel pattern.  

Cut – 7/10

Shine – 8/10

Use with a sisal or close stitched cotton wheel for heavy to medium surface preparation and an open stitched wheel for light surface preparation and finishing. 

The weights given for each bar are approximate. Shipping weight includes an allowance for packaging.

Shipping weight:

4" = 140g

5" = 300g

8" = 880g

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