Concentrated Dye - Purple
Concentrated Dye - Purple

Concentrated Dye - Purple

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Add water to make a wood dye.

Colour water based Resin, Varnish, Paint, Glue, Filler and Grout

All colours in the range can be mixed to make new colours.

Images show colours added to water to create a wood stain and applied to pine. Always test colour before application.

To make a wood dye: 

Dilute 1 part concentrated dye with up to 9 parts water. One 30ml bottles makes up to 300ml of dye. To avoid shading issues mix enough colour to complete your project.

Ideal for tinting Bolgers Walnut Crystals and can also be added to Bolgers Water Based Wood Dyes.

Drying time: Minimum of 2hrs.

Application: Brush or foam applicator.

Clean up: Wash tools in water.

Adding to water based products:

Add a little concentrate at a time until desired depth of colour is achieved. Coverage, drying times and tool cleaning will be the same as the base product.  

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