Walnut Crystals - Water Soluble Wood Dye Crystals

Walnut Crystals - Water Soluble Wood Dye Crystals

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Made from crushed walnut husks Bolgers Walnut Crystals are a cost effective way of making a brown wood dye for large areas, like floors and panelling. The crystals are dissolved in tap water to make an odourless and non-toxic dye which can be varied in colour depth by simply changing the ratio of crystals to water. The colour can be further altered by tinting the mixture with water based dyes

Our image shows pine stained with 15g of walnut crystals dissolved in 250ml of tap water, and is for illustration purposes only, as minor discrepancies in measurements will result in shading issues. Always mix enough solution to complete a project (especially when adding a tint) and make a note of the ratios so the colour can be replicated for another project.

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