Walnut Crystals - Water Soluble Wood Dye Crystals

Walnut Crystals - Water Soluble Wood Dye Crystals

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Made from Walnut Husks.

Dissolves in tap water.

This natural product is a traditional way to make a non-toxic, cost effective brown wood stain. Walnut Crystals can be mixed to any volume, so whether you want to stain an entire floor, a small piece of furniture or just cover some scratches, you can buy and mix the quantity to suit your needs. In its dry form Walnut Crystals  have an almost unlimited shelf life, if kept dry and in a dark place. 

To Use:

Add just enough water to the crystals to dissolve them; this creates a very dark brown. Now add more water, a little at time until, the required depth of colour is achieved. Always test on the same wood as that which is being stained to get a good indication of the colour. The colour can be further altered by tinting the mixture with water based liquid or powder wood dyes to make shades of oak, mahogany, pine etc. Seal surfaces with a minimum of two coats of finish of your choice. Once dissolved in water Walnut Crystals may also be used to tint products to which water may be added, like filler, grout and glue. 

Our image shows pine stained with 15g of walnut crystals dissolved in 250ml of tap water, and is for illustration purposes only, as minor discrepancies in measurements will result in shading issues. Always mix enough solution to complete a project (especially when adding a tint) and make a note of the ratios so the colour can be replicated for another project.

Interior use.

Shipping weight:

100g = 140g

250g = 310g

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