Chalk Powder - Calcium Carbonate
Chalk Powder - Calcium Carbonate
Chalk Powder - Calcium Carbonate

Chalk Powder - Calcium Carbonate

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Calcium Carbonate is a natural and versatile soft, off-white powder which has many uses in art & crafts, industry and in the home.

The absorbent nature of chalk is used to remove excess polish on a variety of surfaces following mechanical or hand polishing and is used to soak up the excess linseed oil used in traditional glazing. Around the home chalk will remove finger marks from stainless steel and is added to many cleaning products.

Chalk is also known as whiting and is used in traditional distemper paints, whitewashing, chalk paints, tile grout, crack fillers and may also be used as a pigment.

Shipping weight:

100g =140g

250g = 310g

750g tub = 825g

1kg = 1.1kg

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