6" Close Stitched Cotton Polishing Wheels - 150mm

6" Close Stitched Cotton Polishing Wheels - 150mm

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Fitted with washers for secure fit to a tapered nose (pig tail).

Suitable for use with buffing machines and 6" converted bench grinders.

A firm general purpose wheel generally used for 1st stage polishing of plastics, resins, nylon, horn etc and 2nd stage (intermediate) polishing of metals (excluding precious metals). This pattern wheel which allows the polishing action to be concentrated on precise areas for the removal of imperfections. Changing the type of buffing compound increases or decreases the cutting action, allowing them to be tailored to a specific use and material.

Made up from multiple layers of cotton, known as a section, and stitched in a spiral pattern to make a firm wheel. Each section is approximately 1/2" (12mm) thick. Multiple sections are stitched together and appear as one section.

Shipping weight:

1 Section = 175g

2 Section = 390g

3 Section = 515g

4 Section = 690g

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