Woodturners Sanding Mesh
Woodturners Sanding Mesh

Woodturners Sanding Mesh

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5 grit sizes in one convenient box - 180, 240, 320, 400 & 600.

Each roll is 1" wide by 20ft long (2.5cm x 6m approximately) 

The small holes in Woodturners Mesh allows dust to pass through, minimising clogging and prolonging the working life of the mesh. The flexible nature of the strips make them perfect for sanding spindle work, pens, bowls and other rounded shapes on the lathe.

The sturdy cardboard box has a built in cutting edge and each roll is separated by cardboard, so mesh won't loop over its neighbour. The central core can be rotated from outside the box making it easy to wind the mesh back in when too much has been pulled through.

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