Stackable Loose Leaf Polishing Wheels
Stackable Loose Leaf Polishing Wheels

Stackable Loose Leaf Polishing Wheels

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For bench polishers with a parallel shaft.

Available in two diameters:

150mm  with 12mm bore

200mm with 16mm bore

Made with 80 layers of soft calico each wheel is approximately 25mm wide and can be stacked side by side to increase the width. Layers are secured together with both stitching and staples to provide maximum durability.

Made from multiple layers of soft calico these wheels are used with a final glossing compound to achieve a mirror bright finish. Layers are attached only around the circumference of the central hole, which allows the individual layers to fan out and cover a wide surface area. The loose leaf construction of these wheels also make them ideal for curved and embossed surfaces.

Use with a super finish compound, for final glossing, or with a multi-stage compound for soft metals, plastics, resins, horn, composites, etc.

All measurements given are approximate and some slight variations are normal.

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