Stackable Close Stitched Polishing Wheels
Stackable Close Stitched Polishing Wheels

Stackable Close Stitched Polishing Wheels

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For bench polishers with a parallel shaft.

Available in two diameters:

150mm  with 12mm bore

200mm with 16mm bore

Made from multiple layers of cotton tightly stitched together to form a firm wheel, 25mm wide, which can be stacked side by side to increase the width. The addition of staples close to the centre ensures maximum durability.

Generally used for 1st stage polishing of plastics, resins, nylon, horn etc. and 2nd stage (intermediate) polishing of metals (excluding precious metals), this firm, general purpose pattern wheel, allows the polishing action to be concentrated on precise areas for the removal of imperfections, where necessary. Changing the type of buffing compound increases or decreases the cutting action, allowing them to be tailored to a specific use and material. 

All measurements given are approximate and some slight variations are normal.

Shipping weight:

150mm = 380g

200mm = 560g

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