6" Sisal Polishing Wheels - 150mm

6" Sisal Polishing Wheels - 150mm

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For 1st stage polishing of iron, steel, stainless steel and other hard alloys.

Suitable for use with buffing machines and converted bench grinders.

Fitted with washers for a secure fit to a tapered nose (pig tail)

A tightly stitched wheel comprising of layers of coarse sisal sandwiched between layers of cotton commonly used to remove grinding and tooling marks, and also rust. Used with a heavy or high cut buffing compound, like our grey bar, this pattern wheel allows the polishing action to be concentrated on precise areas for the removal of imperfections.

Made up from multiple layers of sisal and cotton to form a 'section' which is approximately 1/2" (12mm) wide. Multiple sections are stitched together, and appear as one section, to form wider wheels.

Shipping weight:

1 Section = 170g

2 Section = 330g

3 Section = 490g

4 Section = 590g

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