Carnauba Wax T3 Grade
Carnauba Wax T3 Grade

Carnauba Wax T3 Grade

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Natural Plant Wax.

This natural wax is widely used in wood and automotive polishes where its glass like shine and silky smooth finish offer water repelling properties. Compatible with most waxes (including beeswax, vegetable and mineral waxes) and also a wide variety of natural and synthetic resins, Carnauba wax is the hardest known natural wax in the World.

The Carnauba Palm naturally produces this wax to protect its leaves from drying out in the sun. The leaves are cut, dried and beaten to remove the wax which is then refined by melting and straining to remove impurities. 

Colour:  Medium Yellow / Light Golden Brown

Melting Point 84°C.

Shipping weight:

100g =140g

250g = 310g

400g tub = 525g

1kg = 1.1kg

4.5kg = 4.7kg 

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