Tapered Nose Pig Tail - 12mm
Tapered Nose Pig Tail - 12mm

Tapered Nose Pig Tail - 12mm

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Converts 6" bench grinder into a polishing machine.

Available in a left hand fitting or a right hand fitting.

This tapered nose fits over the 1/2" shaft found in most 6" bench grinders and the buffing wheel is simply screwed onto this by hand, and further tightens onto the tapered nose during use. To determine whether you require a left or right hand taper stand facing the front of the grinder and choose the side you want to attach a wheel to - left side = left tapered nose. Right hand side = right tapered nose.

NB: There is only one grub screw. The two holes closest to the taper do not have a grub screw and are to aid removal of the tapered nose from the shaft.

Shipping weight - 175g

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