Chalk Powder - Calcium Carbonate

Chalk Powder - Calcium Carbonate

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This fine white powder is rated as 3 on the hardness scale of minerals and has a very wide variety of uses both for art & craft and also in building.

Chalk powder is used to remove black grease lines left on metal and hard plastic surfaces after polishing with a wheel. Simply sprinkle some chalk onto the workpiece and gently polish with a soft, clean cloth, or re-polish with a buffing wheel.

Other uses for chalk include the removal of finger marks on stainless steel appliances and to remove fresh excess polish on furniture. Chalk is also known as whiting and is used in traditional distemper paints, whitewashing, chalk paints, tile grout, crack fillers and may also be used as a pigment. Due to its mild abrasive action chalk can be found in many household cleaning products.

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