Button Shellac Flakes

Button Shellac Flakes

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Colour: Medium - Light Golden Brown

Contains an average of 5% Wax

The wax content of Button Shellac makes it more viscous than de-waxed shellac, requiring fewer coats on porous surfaces to achieve a high gloss finish.  

New applications of shellac amalgamate with existing shellac layers, allowing repairs to be carried out on the damaged areas only, without re-finishing the entire piece.

Shellac is also used as a knot sealer and stain blocker and adds protection to surfaces in areas of high humidity when applied as a top coat.

Dissolve flakes in denatured alcohol/methylated spirits.

Store flakes in a cool environment and out of sunlight. Once dissolved in methylated spirits use within 6 months for best results.

The following recipes are a guide only and can be adjusted to suit your particular requirements; the higher the volume of shellac flakes the thicker the mixture will be.

French Polish - Disslove between 200g and 250g of Shellac Flakes in 1L methylated spirits. 

Knot Sealer & Stain Blocker - Dissolve approximately 500g of Shellac Flakes in 1L methylated spirits.

Sanding Sealer - Dissolve approximately 250g of Shellac Flakes in 1L methylated spirits.

Shipping weights

100g = 140g

300g tub = 425g

500g = 560g

1kg = 1150g

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