Cream Buffing Bar
Cream Buffing Bar
Cream Buffing Bar
Cream Buffing Bar

Cream Buffing Bar

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Multi-stage Compound for surface preparation and finishing.

Common applications - Wood and lacquered finishes. Horn, natural resins, Bakelite, glass fibre and other composite materials.

Manufactured with silica free abrasives and non animal grease and binders, this compound is particularly suited to natural materials and may be used as both an intermediate and finishing compound. 

Medium Cut - 5/10

Very High Shine – 9/10

Use with a loose leaf wheel for minimal cut and increased shine or an open stitched wheel for increased cut.

The weights given for each bar are approximate. Shipping weight includes an allowance for packaging.

Shipping weight:

4" = 140g

5" = 300g

8" = 880g

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