Smurf Poo Honing & Polishing Paste
Smurf Poo Honing & Polishing Paste

Smurf Poo Honing & Polishing Paste

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This is our famous Blue polishing compound (aka Smurf Poomade in a paste form. With no solvents Smurf Poo is kind to the environment, non-toxic, biodegradable and made in the UK.
Containing a blend of specially selected and graded powders Smurf Poo first cuts back a surface and then polishes to a high shine as the grain size breaks down. Suitable for use with a leather or power strop, or a felt wheel, it is also excellent for general polishing of all steel to a bright finish using a soft cloth or soft polishing wheel.
Due to the different grit sizes contained within this product a grit rating cannot be specified. At the start of polishing Smurf Poo is at its most abrasive, and becomes less abrasive and begins to add more shine the longer the polishing goes on. In addition to the polish itself the material used in combination with the compound will also be abrasive, to a lesser or greater degree, especially when using a leather strop or felt wheel. 

Shipping weight:

15g tin = 50g

120g tub = 200g

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