6" Satin Finish Abrasive Wheels - 150mm

6" Satin Finish Abrasive Wheels - 150mm

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Used to achieve a brushed effect, low shine finish on metal and for surface preparation. 

Made from tough, non-woven, open web synthetic nylon (similar in texture to a kitchen scouring pad) and impregnated with resin and grits to make a durable water and solvent resistant wheel which is fairly firm yet still retaining enough flex for use on irregular and contoured surfaces, angles or odd shapes. Designed to wear down in order to maintain a consistent cutting edge these wheels are also used for general cleaning and light surface preparation. Wheels are graded with an approximate grit rating: Very Fine 320 grit, Fine 240 grit, Medium 180 grit and Course 80 grit. 

Image shows fine and coarse wheels.

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