Spirit Based Wood Dye - Woodturners Set Of 6 Colours

Spirit Based Wood Dye - Woodturners Set Of 6 Colours

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Six x 50ml bottles of vibrant, ready to use light fast colours which may be mixed with each other to create new colours unique to your project. Can be applied with a brush, lint free cloth or by spraying.

Bolgers Light Fast Wood Stain is a premium, spirit based wood stain formulated on alcohol, specially selected solvents and high quality colourants; this advanced formula slows the drying time to approximately 10 minutes @ 18 Degrees Centigrade, making them more usable on larger areas like floors and table tops. Slowing the drying time helps avoid overlap marks, allowing for better, more even coverage than most other spirit based stains. Thin with Bolgers Light Fast Thinners to maintain the slower drying time. May also be thinned with Methylated spirits.  Both Bolgers Light Fast Thinners and Methylated Spirits may be used to clean brushes. 

Colour image is for reference only; always test colours on a spare piece of wood or an inconspicuous area. We now supply 50ml dyes in larger, 100ml bottles, so the bottles will be half full.


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