Pure Carnauba Wax Sticks

Pure Carnauba Wax Sticks

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Each pack contains 2 Pure T3 Carnauba Wax sticks.

Natural plant wax.

bolpol™ Pure Carnauba Wax Sticks are made with 100% Carnauba T3 for a very high shine and durable finish on wood. Best applied over sanding sealer to give turned wood a silky smooth, crisp finish, which brings out natural grain and colour variations. 

Carnauba wax is a very hard, wax and care should be taken not to scratch the workpiece. The wax is melted by friction and the stick should be offered up to the rotating workpiece; the heat generated will melt the wax. Use a safety cloth, or paper towel, to spread the wax evenly. Additional coats may be applied as necessary. 

No Silicone release agents are used in the production of  bolpol wax sticks.

2 x 20g sticks.



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