Pearl Glue
Pearl Glue

Pearl Glue

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Traditional glue used in antique restoration, wood veneering and leather working.

Not suitable for use on outdoor woodwork and furniture or in areas subject to high humidity

Also known as bone glue this traditional glue has been used by woodworkers for centuries. Pearl Glue is a hot glue method which bonds two pieces of wood together as it cools, and has the benefit over modern quick grab glues in that pieces can be separated again without damaging the wood. The bond strengthens over a number of hours as the water content evaporates.

Pearl Glue will also bond leather to wood and leather to leather and is used with sinew and rawhide for wrapping.

Soak the pearls by covering in water using approximately 3-4 times the volume of water to pearls to get a firm, jelly like mixture. Heat this mixture using a double boiler and add more water if the mixture is too thick. This mixture may be reheated 2-3 times before the strength is affected; a dirty mixture should be discarded.

Shipping weight:

100g = 140g

250g = 310g

500g = 560g

1kg = 1090g

4.5kg + 5000g

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