Jacpol Antique Wax Polish

Jacpol Antique Wax Polish

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Contains Beeswax

Enhances & protects fine furniture.

Helps cover scratches.

Silicone Free

Made in the UK

Jacpol Antique Wax Polish is suitable for use on both antique and modern wood furniture and contains a high percentage of beeswax for a traditional finish.

Medium and Dark waxes build a beautiful patina, and helps cover scratches on medium to dark coloured furniture, while the light is used on light coloured woods and also as a maintenance polish on darker woods. 

Light Wax - A clear wax for pale woods and as a maintenance coat on medium and dark woods where sufficient depth of colour has been achieved. 

Medium Wax - suggested for woods in the colour range of light mahogany.

Dark Wax - suggested for woods in the colour range of dark oak.

142g Tin

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