Gum Rosin - Pine Resin
Gum Rosin - Pine Resin

Gum Rosin - Pine Resin

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WW Grade - Water White.

Gum Rosin is made from the resin exuded by pine trees and comes in a range of grades, from dark through to superior Window Glass and Water White grades, which are used to make transparent varnish and lacquers for wood.

Melt point - 100-120 °C. Highly flammable.

Colour - Pale yellow.

Rosin dissolves in alcohol, benzene, chloroform and ether. It is also soluble in spirit of turpentine and turpentine substitute.

This versatile resin is also used in wood fillers and glues. 

Gum Rosin has many uses and is known by many different names:  Pine Gum Rosin, Pine Resin, Greek Pitch, Venice Turpentine, Burgundy Pitch, Colophony and in the UK it was traditionally called Naval Stores Varnish. Gum Rosin is used for the manufacturing of items like Oil paint, Printing inks, Paper, Resins, Adhesives and in the making of synthetic Rubber. Widely used in a variety of sports to prevent surface slippage and to improve hand grip. Historically, Gum Rosin has been used by the Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Vikings. In China and Japan it was used as an art lacquer.

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