Blonde DeWaxed Shellac Flakes

Blonde DeWaxed Shellac Flakes

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Makes a traditional French Polish.

Colour: Light (maximum of 13 on the Gardner scale)

Blonde DeWaxed Shellac gives wood a clear, high gloss finish which is resistant to ultra-violet light and does not darken over time, making it perfect for pale wood as well as allowing the full beauty and colour variations of darker wood to shine through.  

New applications of shellac amalgamate with existing shellac layers, allowing repairs to be carried out on the damaged areas only without re-finishing the entire piece.

Shellac is also used as a knot sealer and stain blocker and adds protection to surfaces in areas of high humidity when applied as a top coat.

Dissolve flakes in denatured alcohol/methylated spirits.

Store flakes in a cool environment and out of sunlight. Once dissolved in methylated spirits use within 6 months for best results.

The following recipes are a guide only and can be adjusted to suit your particular requirements; the higher the volume of shellac flakes the thicker the mixture will be.

French Polish - Dissolve between 200g and 250g of Shellac Flakes in 1L methylated spirits. 

Knot Sealer & Stain Blocker - Dissolve approximately 500g of Shellac Flakes in 1L methylated spirits.

Sanding Sealer - Dissolve approximately 100g of Shellac Flakes in 1L methylated spirits.

Shipping weights

100g = 130g

300g tub = 425g

500g = 560g

1kg = 1150g

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