Water Based Wood Dye - 100ml
Water Based Wood Dye - 100ml
Water Based Wood Dye - 100ml

Water Based Wood Dye - 100ml

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Choose from a wide range of colours which can be mixed with each other and are also compatible with Bolgers Walnut Crystals. Can be applied with a brush, lint free cloth or by spraying.

Coverage approximately 1m² per 100ml bottle (depending on method of application) Dries in approximately 2 hours @ 18C

Water based finishes will reactivate the dye allowing some colour to transfer into the first coat of finish; once this first coat is dry no further colour transfer should occur. A minimum of two coats of finish should be applied. Spirit based varnishes, oils and wax polishes may all be applied over Bolgers water based wood stains.  

Colour image is for reference only; always test colours on a spare piece of wood or an inconspicuous area.

This product carries the following warning - Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effect.

Interior use:

Shipping weight: 200g

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