Walnut Crystals - A natural and environmentally friendly wood stain.

Walnut Crystals are not only natural they are also very economical. Walnut husks are processed to allow them to dissolve in water to make an odourless wood stain with the depth of colour altered by simply adding more or less water. 

Equally suitable for staining large areas, like floors, panelling and doors, disguising scratches, or giving new pine an aged look with a subtle wash of colour. Like all wood stains Walnut Crystals need sealing with a finish to protect the surface and wax, varnish and wood oils are all suitable.

Colour can be further altered by adding Bolgers ready to use water based wood dyes or Bolgers water soluble powder wood dyes. Colours typically added are red, green and yellow.

In their dry form Walnut Crystals have an almost unlimited shelf life, if kept dry and out of sunlight. 

The colour sample in the image was achieved using 60g of Walnut Crystals to 1lt of tap water.


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